Area Demographics

Finney County is home to many diverse cultural populations and provides an excellent environment for people of all ages. An important factor for the success of a community is its ability to grow, and Finney county is growing in many areas.


Finney County Embraces diversity and is home to many different cultures. Drawn by work opportunities, these cultures bring many different skills and ideas to the community for the betterment of everyone else.

Many of these groups also host cultural events such as the Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo, and other traditional holidays. Many of these experiences are not available in many other parts of the country.

The Youth Are Our Future

The 2000 census determined that approximately 50% of the population was under the age of 30.

Many of these young people stay in the area as they grow older, gain job skills, and build families. They also provide the base for the workforce, with a constant flow of new labor to the many employers in the region.

Many are also looking for careers in which they can grow and prosper without leaving family and friends behind, making them excellent long term employees.

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2010 County Population Estimate: 36,776

source: KS data – U.S. Census Bureau