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We welcome you to take a look at what's in store for you in thriving Finney County. 

Community History
 2015 Net Growth Survey
  City of Garden City
City of Holcomb
Finney County
State of Kansas

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Mission Statement

The Finney County Economic Development Corporation was created for and is committed to the continual improvement of the economic quality of life in the Finney County area “ 

Lona DuVall , President

Workforce Initiatives

The Finney County Economic Development Corporation in partnership with local community organizations are working together to create a community-wide campaign to recruit, enhance, and retain a sustainable workforce in the Finney County region. This initiative is known as the Finney County Workforce Connection.

For more information visit the Finney County Workforce Connection website.


Our Goals

, aid, develop, and advance new business and industry in Finney County, providing skilled, high-wage primary jobs for the welfare of the community.

Assist existing primary business and industry with growth and expansion plans through a proactive business retention program

Create a business environment conducive to entrepreneurship by providing financial support and technical assistance to primary businesses in collaboration with partner agencies