B2B Seminars

FCEDC & Finney County Workforce Connection have partnered with Bandura Plus to present monthly business seminars. Breakfast is served and cost is $10/person.

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Finney County is placed just right to become an economic center for a large area spanning Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

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Finney County is home to many diverse cultural populations and provides an excellent environment for people of all ages. An important factor for the success of a community is its ability to grow, and Finney county is growing in many areas.

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Community History

The founders of Garden City and the first to make settlement on homesteads in Finney county, were the Fulton brothers. They had ranged over this region for several years, following the business of hunting buffalo and wild horses before they ever thought of starting a town.

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Mission Statement

The Finney County Economic Development Corporation was created for and is committed to the continual improvement of the economic quality of life in the Finney County area.

-Lona DuVall, President

Our Goals

Promote, aid, develop, and advance new business and industry in Finney County, providing skilled, high-wage primary jobs for the welfare of the community.

Assist existing primary business and industry with growth and expansion plans through a proactive business retention program

Create a business environment conducive to entrepreneurship by providing financial support and technical assistance to primary businesses in collaboration with partner agencies.

Workforce Initiatives

The Finney County Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with local community organizations, are working together to create a community-wide campaign to recruit, enhance, and retain a sustainable workforce in the Finney County region. This initiative is known as the Finney County Workforce Connection.

For more information, please visit the Finney County Workforce Connection website.