What Finney County offers

For employers:

Finney County is perfectly situated to provide a wide array of opportunities for businesses of all types. If you are looking for a location to expand your current operations, or start a whole new enterprise, Finney County has the resources you need.

Just Plains Success!

Finney County has flourished over the years and the Finney County Economic Development Association staff is dedicated to developing our economic portfolio through collaboratively establishing expansion opportunities for our clients. Working in tandem with city and county governments, Garden City Community College's Business & Industry Institute, Garden City Downtown Vision (Main Street development), Convention & Tourism Bureau, and the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce, we strive to create and maintain a robust and competitive recruiting environment for a wide array of businesses.

Finney County... Fantastic!

Home to many growing industries
Finney County provides an opportunity to many companies and workers. Companies like BPI and Tyson bring money and people to the area, and with a growing commercial sector Garden City draws people from all around the region.

Growing Our Community


Preparing for the Future

No community lasts long if it doesn't plan for the future. The people of Finney County understands this and constantly work on creating a better environment for members of the community. Whether you are looking to raise a family or build a business for yourself Finney County is a great place to start. With an extensive Public School system, as well as several private schools, there are many options for raising children. Diverse cultural influences also help to make this a well rounded and welcoming community.