Area Demographics

Finney County is home to many diverse cultural populations and provides an excellent environment for people of all ages. An important factor for the success of a community is its ability to grow, and Finney county is growing in many areas.


Finney County Embraces diversity and is home to many different cultures. Drawn by work opportunities, these cultures bring many different skills and ideas to the community for the betterment of everyone else. Many of these groups also host cultural events such as the Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo, and other traditional holidays. Many of these experiences are not available in many other parts of the country.

The youth are our future

The 2000 census determined that approximately 50% of the population was under the age of 30. Many of these young people stay in the area as they grow older, gain job skills, and build families. They also provide the base for the workforce, with a constant flow of new labor to the many employers in the region. Many are also looking for careers in which they can grow and prosper without leaving family and friends behind, making them excellent long term employees.

Finney County - Garden City
Micropolitan Area in Southwest Kansas


Demographic Information from Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce
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2010 County Population Estimate: 36,776 (by KS data – U.S. Census Bureau
KS data - U.S. Census Bureau


Cultural Showcase

Finney County

The Finney County Fairgrounds has many events to keep life eventful in Finney County. Beef Empire days is an exciting series of events that help maintain the history of the high plains while bringing people together. The Primary events are the Parade and the PRCA Rodeo which both draw large crowds. Other events include livestock judging, horseshoe and basketball tournaments, and Chuck Wagon in the park. The 3I show is a major draw for the agricultural community, as well as people who are simply interested in browsing. Representing a massive inflow of revenue to Garden City and Finney Co., the 3I show provides vendors with a place to display the featured products to potential buyers.

Other events include demolition derbies, races, golf tournaments, and the Finney County Fair.

Garden City

Lee Richardson zoo plays host to several events every year including the Tumbleweed Festival, BOO! at the Zoo, Zoo camp, and Jubilee. Even without the many events they host, Lee Richardson Zoo is still a great experience for young and old alike.

Other events around town include Art in the Park, the Stevens Park Summer Concert Series, the Garden City Municipal Band. Many different organizations within the community host their own private and public events to promote cultural understanding and make it feel a little more like home to everyone.

For More information on events in Garden City, you can view the Community Calendar or visit the current events guide.

Holcomb provides a great small town environment for living and raising a family while at the same town being close enough to Garden city to enjoy all the perks of a larger city. Home to many who work at the nearby power plant and Tyson, Holcomb provides a quiet escape from the antics of larger cities.

44th Edition of Kansas Statistical Abstract


The Kansas Statistical Abstract 2009, contains the latest available state, county, and city-level data for Kansas on population, vital statistics and health, housing, education, business and manufacturing, exports, banking, employment, income, state and local government, crime, parks and recreation, communications and information, transportation, agriculture, climate, and energy and natural resources. The KSA is available for free online in it’s entirety Enter here, or Individual tables, maps, and graphs are also available in both PDF files-Excel format