Meet Our Team


Lona DuVall

President & CEO


Lona began work at Finney County Economic Development Corporation in 2010 as the Director of Business Retention and has been the President/ CEO since 2011. Lona holds a degree in Public Administration and is committed to ensuring the economic strength and vitality of western Kansas into the future.


Nicole Hahn

Vice President, Community Development


Nicole joined Finney County Economic Development Corporation in 2015 as Project Manager and has served as Vice President of Community Development since 2019.  She oversees the workforce recruitment and development efforts of FCEDC and provides leadership for community development initiatives. Nicole earned a degree in Accounting and manages the financial and clerical aspects of the organization as well.


Shannon Dick

Director of Analytics


Shannon joined Finney County Economic Development Corporation in 2016 as a Strategic Analyst. Shannon holds a master's degree in Statistical Analysis and provides strategic analysis for FCEDC as well as contracting services to our partner organizations and other non-profits throughout the community and region.


Steve Cottrell

Professional Engineer, Special Projects Director


Steve retired in 2018, after 29 years with the City of Garden City. Steve joined Finney County Economic Development Corporation as Special Projects Director in 2020. Steve has worked closely with the FCEDC since our beginning, and now works on all aspects of economic development, assisting developers with concept plans and advice on funding strategies. Steve is from Nebraska and has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska.


Scott Aust

Director of Communications


Scott joined FCEDC in 2017 as the Director of Communications and recently returned to his position in 2021. Scott holds a degree in Journalism and lends his vast reporting skills to the creation of stories and promotions that celebrate Finney County, Garden City, Holcomb and the Greater Garden City area with the Greater Garden City website and Facebook page.

Mission Statement

The Finney County Economic Development Corporation was created for and is committed to the continual improvement of the economic quality of life in the Finney County area.

-Lona DuVall, President

Our Goals

Promote, aid, develop, and advance new business and industry in Finney County, providing skilled, high-wage primary jobs for the welfare of the community.

Assist existing primary business and industry with growth and expansion plans through a proactive business retention program

Create a business environment conducive to entrepreneurship by providing financial support and technical assistance to primary businesses in collaboration with partner agencies.

Workforce Initiatives

The Finney County Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with local community organizations, are working together to create a community-wide campaign to recruit, enhance, and retain a sustainable workforce in the Finney County region. This initiative is known as the Finney County Workforce Connection.

For more information, please visit the Finney County Workforce Connection website.

FCEDC Board of Directors


Bob Kreutzer, Board Chairman, Finney County Representative

Phil Escareno, Vice-Chairman, City of Garden City Representative

Sam Hands, Treasurer, Finney County Representative

Stewart Nelson, Finney County Representative

Larry Geier, City of Garden City Representative

David Rupp, GCCC Representative

Ron Schreibvogel, Holcomb Representative

>>>The FCEDC Board of Directors meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 am at the City of Garden City Administrative Building.